Mentor a Change

Join our community of educators and industry experts to transform design educationthrough your experiences and expertise.

Why teach with Oneistox?

Inspire and Make a Difference

Be an ambassador of change and create an impact in the design community by helping others to learn and progress.

Engage with a Like-Minded Community

Bring your expertise to like-minded learners and inspire those who are wanting to scale their ideas through exploration and experimentation.

Push the Boundaries of Creation

Bring your most extraordinary imaginations to life by creating alongside a community of learners, mentors, industries and institutions.

Our Mentors

Practicing professionals bringing their unique experiences to you.

Suram Hazarika

Ankon Mitra

Monish Siripurapu

Linus Lopez

Aman Jain

Chetan K S

Heena Handa

Geetanjali Sayal

Abhishek Bij

Sushant Vohra

Becoming a Mentor is as easy as A B C...

Working on something new in a particular field or have expertise in a subject matter?

Fill a form and tell us about how you would like to contribute to the design community.

Our team is available to help review your courses as per the Oneistox Learning Programme guidelines.

Together we can curate a topic that bridges the skill gap through your expertise.

Once the topic is finalized, the next step is to create the Learning Programme Structure. This is includes module scheduling, brief creation and putting together the teaching materials and activities pertaining to the workshop.

Together we can curate a topic that bridges the skill gap through your expertise.

Now all you have to do is to conduct the workshop, while we take care of the rest– organization, infrastructure, logistics...

1,2,3,4... You can conduct as many workshops as you want!

Grow with the Mentorship Programme

At Oneistox we believe that there is always scope for exploration and evolution in every aspect of the design field. This is the spirit of our community – to explore and experiment together so we can design a better future.

With Oneistox you can not only bring your expertise to like-minded learners and guide them in their explorations, but also connect and interact with other professionals and industry experts - leading to creative, personal and professional growth.

Mentor Perks

You Create, We Provide

Smooth work process where we take care of logistics and execution.

Earn Extra Income

Add to your income while contributing to a larger vision.

Expand your Reach

Bring more attention to your field of expertise through our ever-growing community.

Add to your Resume

Get recognized as a Oneistox Mentor and network at Mentor Meet-ups.

Know someone who would be perfect as a Mentor?

Nominate a mentor and we will get in touch with them.

InTalks with Experts

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Nishita Mohta

3 Questions You Must Answer Before Starting Your Practice

Ar. Sagar Oke

Space Syntax: Data Driven Sustainability

Amit Sarma

A Designer’s journey into Augmented Reality

Hari Kumaran Babu

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At Oneistox we aim to provide the best learning opportunities for learners. Therefore, industry professionals, teachers, and experts in any particular subject in the field of design can become a mentor, and be part of the Onesitox workshop program.
At Oneistox we encourage any topic that is interesting, new, and exploratory that is related to the field of design.
You can apply to become a mentor by going to By clicking start application, we send you an email to the email id provided that contains a small application form. On filling the form, you are contacted by our Mentor Course Management Expert from Oneistox to guide on the rest of the process.
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