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Critical Thinking & Drawing

Course by Ar. Arinjoy Sen

(M.Arch UCL, UK | BA (Hons) MSA, UK)

Online courses

Critical Thinking & Drawing

Course by Ar. Arinjoy Sen

(M.Arch UCL, UK | BA (Hons) MSA, UK)

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What is Critical Thinking in Architecture?

Critical thinking is a core skill that teaches creatives to question or reflect on their own knowledge and information presented to them. It aims at critiquing contemporary architectural discourse in light of its historical, political, aesthetic, ethical and cultural circumstances.

" Architecture must concern itself continually with the socially beneficial distortion of the environment. "

- Cedric Price

An Evolving Artefact and the Construction of Time by Mentor Arinjoy Sen

Work by Arinjoy Sen awarded RIBA Eyeline 2020 Award

Hyper-Venetianism by Arinjoy Sen

Institutionalised (Ritualised) Irony by Arinjoy Sen

Program Overview

key highlights of the course

1. Developing a critical approach to architecture and critical thinking – towards an informed development of ideas

2. Drawing Architecture. This looks at the drawing beyond representation and as an autonomous and alternative space for architectural inhabitation.

by Superstudio

Is this recommended for me ?

Recommended for students of architecture or recent graduates (Bachelors and Masters) who want to approach architecture in a renewed or well-informed way or understand an alternative space for exploration during and after university.

Learning Outcomes

Top course takebacks.

1. Methodologies for your Drawings

Using the idea of the drawing as a radical alternative and autonomous medium, learners can start developing methodologies and critical approaches to drawing that is rooted in the project.

2. Learn to approach theory

Learn to approach theory with your own projected subjectivity, required for not only understanding it but owning it.

3. Translating ideas and text

This is not about developing a “style”. Ideally, the drawing should be informed by the project. Thus, translating ideas from text (thought as text too) to drawing.

4. Developing critical thought.

Approaching drawing not merely as a form of representation but as an alternative medium. Tap into a complex network of processes linked to Architecture.

by Superstudio

Why study Critical Thinking in Architecture?

Now, more than ever a critical approach to architecture is needed, especially one during architectural education through critical thought processes. This is something that universities lack in guiding students towards. Critical thinking/approach is required for creating responsible projects, even at the level of university.

Course Schedule

Best-in-class content curation and personalized training from industry experts in the form of lectures, projects, assignments.

Timings of Live workshop (each day):

10:00 AM - 12:30 PM

03:30 PM - 06:30 PM IST (+05:30 hrs GMT)

Module 1.1:

Introduction to drawings & critical thought

Module 1.2:

Methodology & approach to critical thinking

Activity 1.1:

Invisible cities: translating ideas into sketches

Module 1.3:

Invisible cities II: Presentation of thoughts as sketches

Module 1.4:

Deconstruction of Ideas

Module 2.1:

Drawing Methodologies

Activity 2.1:

Introduction to collaborative drawings

Activity 2.2:

Introduction to drawing sequence

Module 2.2:

Navigating Landscape

Activity 2.3:

Case Study: projecting critical thought

Module 2.3:

Group discussion and intro. to mid week assignment

Day 03 - 04 | Self Practice

Module 5.1:

Mid week review

Day 06 - 07 | Self Practice

Module 8.1:

Review of Mid-week assignment

Activity 8.1:

Collaborative drawing task

Module 8.2:

Critical thinking & collaborative drawing

Activity 8.2:

Introduction to final design challenge

Module 9.1:

Jury & Final assessment

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Learn from leading Industry Mentors collaborating with Oneistox

Arinjoy Sen
(M.Arch UCL, UK | BA (Hons) MSA, UK)
Lead Mentor

Arinjoy Sen is currently a masters student of architecture at the Bartlett School of Architecture, UCL in London. His focus ranges from the politics and aesthetics of architecture/space to the instrumentalisation of spatial agents in socio-cultural and political phenomena. A part of his studies focused firstly on critically relevant political events within the Indian landscape, the drawings for which allowed him to be the recipient of the RIBAJ Eye Line award (Winner) 2020.

Shumi Bose
Senior Lecturer in Architecture - Central Saint Martins/ UAL & RCA, UK | Exhibition Curator
Guest Mentor

Shumi Bose is an architectural writer, curator, historian, editor and teacher.She was the curatorial collaborator with Sir David Chipperfield for the 13th International Venice Architecture Biennale, Common Ground in 2012. She has held curatorial positions for the RIBA, the British Council and Storefront for Art and Architecture, as well as editorial positions at Blueprint magazine and Strelka Press. Shumi currently teaches at Central Saint Martins, UAL and the Royal College of Art, London.

Batch 01 Learner's work and Review

Confused about what's going to happen in the workshop? Check out the detailed review by Blessed Arch (Social Media Influencer) and his experince of the workshop.

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